At least a global strategy to fight skin ageing: sun spots, wrinkles, redness... Shed 5 years in 6 months!


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Reduces sun spots, reduces wrinkles, reduces redness!

Day in, day out, our skin is under attack from elements that can endanger its visible beauty: pollution, stress, UVA, chemical products. These attacks result in premature skin ageing, with drying, loss of elasticity, dulling of the skin tone, the appearance of redness, sun spots and the development of wrinkles.

With an increasing life expectancy and an ever more aggressive environment, it is all the more important to adopt an overall antiageing strategy involving repair and, above all, prevention.


The biotechnological active ingredient of ANTI-AGE comes from the culture of Thermus thermophilus, an original element from the deep waters of the Californian Gulf.

Thermus thermophilus

ANTI-AGE is also formulated with Argan oil.

Clinical Tests

Anti-âge: resultats

The clinical test were carried out in a tropical climate, on a panel of 54 individuals with Caucasian skin, unaccustomed to the climate of this country where the sun shines on a permanent basis. 27 panellists applied our ANTI-AGE treatment on a daily basis and 27 applied a placebo. On completion of the test, the VISIA® system was used to estimate their theoretical skin age.

Results showed:

  • Less brown spots,
  • Less wrinkles,
  • Less redness.

Our ANTI-AGE “anti-ageing” products do not only attempt to reverse the effects of ageing but also prevent their development by protecting the skin against daily attacks and slowing down the ageing process.

Directions for use

Apply ANTI-AGE every morning, as a day cream.


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