The first liver spot treatment with an applicator tip. Say good bye to unsightly liver spots!


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The first anti-brown spot treatment with an applicator tip.

ANTI-BROWN SPOT: applicator tip

30% of women are affected by liver spots (brown spots on the skin). These spots are not only caused by senescence, but can also be caused by exposure to sunlight.
For some people, these unsightly stains also affect their facial skin, especially if they have had excessive sun exposure. The back of the hands, arms, face and upper chest are very vulnerable to UV rays because epidermis is the thinnest in those areas.

For this purpose we have created a treatment that allows you to mitigate the pigmentations, making them less visible.
Furthermore, the applicator tip allows you to precisely target the areas that need to be treated.

Clinical tests


Clinical tests conducted by an independent laboratory show:

  • A 25% decrease in liver spot visibility,
  • A reduction in pigmented areas,
  • A more even skin tone,
  • A more luminous skin.

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