Say goodbye to those tired eyes! GOODBYE UNDER-EYE visibly reduces puffiness under the eyes: 0.70mm in less than two months!


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In two months, a 0.70mm reduction in thickness of the under-eye!

Goodbye under-eye: model

The skin around and under the eyes is contracted and stretched about ten thousand times a day. It is subject to blinking and moistening. The eyelids, like the lips, are one of the most stressed areas of the skin.

Which is why it is not surprising to discover that the first signs of aging primarily affect these membranes that reach an average thickness of 0.5mm.

In fact, three factors are responsible for the appearance of bags under the eyes:

  • The development of an oedema,
  • Decrease in lymphatic drainage,
  • Aging of the skin.

Clinical tests

Goodbye Under-eye: results

Our clinically tested product, GOODBYE UNDER-EYE has many benefits:

  • It relieves congestion in tissues,
  • It smooths the eye contour,
  • It deeply moisturizes the skin,
  • In less than two months, it reduces the thickness of the under-eyes to an average of 0,70 mm.

GOODBYE UNDER-EYE contains Argan oil.

Directions for Use

Apply the GOODBYE UNDER-EYE balm every day by gently applying it from the outside to the inside of the eye in order to stimulate the lymphatic system and enable drainage of water in the tissues.


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