Apaisane care treatment fights against burns, rashes and itching due to rubbing between your legs.


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Feed up with rubbing between legs?

"Whenever you run, you get a rash at the top of your thighs that gradually turn into burns. This very quickly becomes a nuisance and then rather painful."

"When I put a skirt or dress on, I often get a burning sensation between my legs.

"Just think – it’s not even summer and you’re suffering already! When your legs rub together they create a burning sensation and small spots appear, forming a circle on the upper inside part of your thighs. You often wear skirts or dresses throughout the year... (no problem in winter) so you had to find a solution..."

"You’re carrying a few extra pounds and when you put skirts or dresses on, rashes start appearing between your legs and become fairly painful."

In order to ease these awkward discomforts, our Institut has developed Apaisane that

  • Soothes burns, itching and rashes,
  • lays a protective film over the skin,
  • restores the epidermis natural ph.


Apaisane is formulated with:

  • A mixture of olive oil and talc,
  • A vegetable oil,
  • Calendula,
  • An eucalyptus-lemon aroma

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