Face Care - Corrector day & night of sun spots, winkles & redness.


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Reduces sun spots, winkles & redness ! !

Our skin suffers from attacks day in, day out, jeopardising its visible beauty: pollution, stress, UVs, chemical products... The consequence of these attacks is premature ageing with, drying, loss of elasticity, a dull look, the appearance of rashes, brown spots and wrinkles. With longer life expectancy and an increasingly aggressive environment, it is essential to adopt a thorough anti-ageing strategy with regard to repairing and, above all, prevention.


Anti-âge: resultats

Our ARGAN OIL ANTI-AGEING face care is rich in Argan oil and the Venuceane active ingredient:

  • ARGAN OIL reinforces the elasticity of the skin. Rich in vitamin E, it is recognised for its anti-radical properties as well as its nutritional virtues with unique potential.

  • THE VENUCEANE ACTIVE INGREDIENT (active ingredient that comes from thermus thermophilus, an element found in the depths of the Gulf of California) slows down the appearance of signs of ageing, wrinkles, spots and regulates imperfections of the skin in particular rashes.

Thermus thermophilus

Clinical test conducted over a period of six months involving 54 people. 27 people with the active ingredient and the other 27 with a placebo.
The texture of the ARGAN OIL Anti-Ageing face care, gentle, light and creamy is quickly absorbed by the skin.

Directions for use

ARGAN OIL Anti-Ageing Apply in the morning like the day cream.

Every morning, your skin will be soft and fresh. It will remain radiant all day long !

*Pour information légale, prix du ARGAN OIL ANTI-ÂGE par unité de mesure: 359,80 €/litre


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