BAVE D'ESCARGOT - Anti-aging cream

BAVE D'ESCARGOT - Anti-aging cream

Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. Attenuates skin imperfections, slows down the aging process of the skin with a real anti-aging action.


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Anti-aging snail cream A cosmetic revolution!


The virtues of snail slime were discovered by aChilean family, who farmed snails for gastronomic purposes. While processing thousands of snails needing to be shelled, workers would do damage to their hands; nonetheless, healing always occurred very quickly. One of the sons, who was studying medicine, became aware of the phenomenon and decided, in the 1980s, to have some snail slime analysed by specialised laboratories, thereby discovering the potentiel of its regenerating and healing ingredients.

The properties of snail slime are a true treasure of nature: snails have the capacity to self-heal and self-regenerate due to this secretion.

Our anti-aging snail cream acts in an extraordinary way on the skin and contributes to the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and dark rings under the eyes. It softens the imperfections of the skin, and slows the skin's aging process with a real anti-aging action.

Our snail cream intensely nourishes the skin. The concentrated extract of snail mucus, naturally rich in Allantoin, regenerative, healing and soothing properties. Organic silicon acts on the reorganisation of the collagen, principal component of the epidermis. Thanks to the combination of these two highly effective active ingredients, our cream effectively protects your skin from cutaneous aging.

No harm is done to the animals (as opposed to farming for gastronomic purposes), product not tested on animals.

Anti-aging snail cream – active ingredient: HYDRAPROTECTOL®.
  • Immediate hydration just after the first hour of application and + 60% after 5 hours
  • Skin is more supple, tonic and smoother (roughness is diminished: -21%).

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply morning and evening, on previously washed skin.

The anti-aging cream with snail filtrate will help you to preserve the youthful glow of your skin.


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