Repairing care for redness in the diaper area. Quickly soothes rashes and discomfort.


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Repairing care for redness in the diaper area, DERMACALME quickly soothes rashes and discomfort.

  • Ideal for all types of skin,
  • Suitable for all ages,
  • Easy to spread,
  • Odour-free,
  • Grease-free,
  • Does not leave any marks.


Dermacalme: treated areas

DERMACALME is a healing cream formulated with zinc oxide and fish liver oil rich in Vitamin A that repairs the skin barrier by speeding up the process of rebuilding the epidermis.
Water-based cream strongly zinc oxide-concentrated.

DERMACALME forms a non-occlusive effective protective barrier. It purifies and isolates the epidermis from the dirt and enzymes contained in excrement and urine, the main causes of rashes.

In addition, Glycerine moisturises and softens the skin.

Directions for use

Apply with thick layers whenever you change baby on skin that has been cleaned and carefully dried beforehand.


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