HAIR FORCE ONE Professional Shampoo

HAIR FORCE ONE Professional Shampoo

HAIR FORCE ONE shampoo is the essential complement to our anti hair loss lotion. Now in 1 liter professional package!


Additional options

Losing your hair? We may have the solution!

HAIR FORCE ONE is specially formulated by our team of pharmacists to help men and women who:

  • suffer from hair loss,
  • are afraid of becoming bald or losing their hair,
  • have oily hair - one of the possible causes of hair loss,
  • have dandruff - visible sign of scalp suffering,
  • simply meet problems with their hair: HAIR FORCE ONE may be the solution.
The Tree of Life


HAIR FORCE ONE lotion and shampoo contains two powerful components, Capigen and Capilectine, that stop hair loss within a few days and accelerate new hair growth*.
Our treatment can even be used if you do not suffer from hair loss but simply wish to make them grow faster and stronger.

* Provided hair follicles have not completely disappeared.

The shampoo also contains extracts from Baobab, also known as “the Tree of Life”.

Clinical tests

Carried out by the independant laboratory SEDERMA

These clinical tests show that HAIR FORCE ONE:

  • Decreases seborrheic activity by 62%,
  • Brings hair loss to a halt,
  • Increases the amount of visible hair by 69%,
  • Accelerates new hair growth by de 33%,
  • Stimulates new hair growth,
  • Accelerates overall hair growth up to 152% (117% on average).

Directions for Use

The shampoo should be applied 2-3 times a week in combination with a daily use of the lotion.


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