Heat Protector restructures and protects stressed hair.


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Protect your hair from excess temperatures

Protect your hair from excess temperatures!

Heat can ease hair styling thanks to the hair's naturel plasticity provided by keratin. But beware of excess temperatures! Hair is a living cell and thus can be heavily harmed by unreasonable or repeated heat treatments.

Our HAIRLISS KERATINE Heat Protector product has been designed to help hair fibres fight against the stress and strain of daily life, such as exposure to the sun, different types of chemical stress (perms, colouring or discolouring), repeated blow-drying, brushing or even pollution.

Its effectiveness has been proven by in vivo and in vitro research on hair subjected to intense heat.


HAIRLISS KERATINE Heat Protector has been specially formulated with the thermo-active ingredient SEPICAP MP which acts as a shield against harm caused by heating devices: hair-dryer, flat-iron...

HAIRLISS KERATINE Heat Protector stops scales from forming, making your hair straighter and better protected, helping it regain its sheen. The protective efficiency of Heat Protector will be reinforced thanks to blow-drying your hair every day.

Sepicap Effect on hair scales

Directions for use

Spray formerly on the whole damp hair before using the hair-dryer.
When using with a flat iron, dry formerly your hair then spray on the whole hair before flat-ironing.


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