Looking young and full of life is possible with our simple low-cost technology: fuller hair without any treatment nor surgery thanks to our "magic fibers"!

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Fuller hair within a minute!

Hair Rebirth: results

Premature hair loss, alopecia, thinning hair... A lot of men and women who experience thinning hair would like to have a fuller head of hair for a change without having to go through surgery.
Thanks to HAIR REBIRTH, enjoy thick beautiful hair for a day or an evening!.

HAIR REBIRTH is a micronized powder which instantly merges with your hair. Hair immediately looks thicker with added body and substance.

Directions for use

HAIR REBIRTH is very easy to use and does not require any particular competences.
Simply sprinkle powder onto dry hair. Immediate effect.

To fix powder permanently, simply use our fixer HAIR REBIRTH (listed in the sidebar).

Effects last up to several days...until you wash your hair again, even if body gradually decreases over time.

HAIR REBIRTH is available in 5 different colours: black, dark brown, light brown, grey and blond.

One bottle of HAIR REBIRTH is enough for 15 to 30 treatments depending on alopecia level.


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