Anti-slackening and extra-firming care to refine and reorganise the silhouette.


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Refine and rebuild your silhouette!

Our care JEUNESSE DU CORPS is targeted to tone up and sublimate the bust and cleavage. The treatment helps the high-performance active ingredients penetrate your skin.
Your skin, unblocked and freed of toxins, regains its tonicity, elasticity and firmness and is smoother and softer.

RESULTS : A firmer body and your figure will reappear!


Caffeine and Carnitine

JEUNESSE DU CORPS contains two active ingredients:

  • Caffeine that is widely acknowledged for its effective action and which clears fat from cells,
  • Carnitine that favours the reduction of stored-up fat.

Clinical Tests

Jeunesse du corps: clinical results

Clinical tests have been carried out with a panel of women for a period of one month and led to particularly impressive results:

  • Firmness: + 19,7%,
  • Elasticity: +24,0%,
  • Immediate tonicity: +43,7% of panelists.

Concerning the self-assessment questionnaire undertaken at the end of the research the following results were obtained:

  • A feeling of comfort: +90%,
  • Softer and smoother skin: +78%,
  • Skin with greater tonus: +73%,
  • Firmer skin: +85%,
  • Tighter skin: +78%,

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