LOOK YOUNGER gives ageing, tired skin back the appearance of younger skin and this translates as a change in the skin’s appearance


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Look Younger: model

I don't look my age, I look younger!

We all know it of course! Your age shows on your face. This is all the more true when strong tell-tale signs, such as wrinkles are present in large quantities and noticeable by their depth. But just as much as wrinkles, other signs of ageing combine to mark the passage of time on your skin: sagging facial features, irregular skin texture, a dull complexion, brown spots, rosacea, dilated pores…
Our skin ages because, individually, each of our cells ages naturally according to our internal cellular clock: telomers.

Our LOOK YOUNGER face cream containing the active ingredient RENOVAGE, will repair and prolong the life of these cells.

Clinical Tests

Carried out for a 6 months period with a daily use of LOOK YOUNGER, clinical tests led to impressive results:

  • Skin hydration: +38%,
  • Reduction in brown spots: -42%,
  • Increase in skin firmness +35%, skin elasticity +31% and skin tone +45%,
  • Reduction of wrinkles: -45%,
  • Reduction of dilated pores-37%,
  • Decrease in rosacea -30%.

Look Younger: clinical tests

Self-assessment results have also proven to be successful:

  • 71% of panelists noted a reduction in wrinkles,
  • 87% of panelists noted an improvment in skin relief and skin softness,
  • 74% of panelists noted an improvment in skin uniformity.

LOOK YOUNGER is formulated with Argan oil.


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