Waterproof make-up ? The Bi-phase lotion will soon be a permanent feature in your bathroom !


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Eye make-up remover sensitive eyes

Lotion biphasée

This bi-phase lotion has been developed by our institute to help remove make-up effortlessly and more effectively than traditional make-up removers. It contains two phases, an aqueous phase and an oily phase. The lotion has a dual-effect on your skin.

The oily phase

The oily phase ensures make-up is removed, but oil is a fatty substance that doesn’t evaporate and is consequently uncomfortable. It can make your eyes a little puffy with bags under them.

The aqueous phase

That’s why it is combined with an aqueous phase enriched with cornflower water that enables the make-up remover to evaporate more effectively and even rinse your skin !

The Bi-phase Lotion will soon be a permanent feature in your bathroom! Ideal for waterproof make-up.

Conseils d'utilisation

Always shake the bottle well before use in order to mix the two phases and enjoy the benefits of both of them. Soak a cotton make-up remover pad and apply on your eye by rubbing gently.


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