For deliciously luscious lips. A corrective remedial treatment for dry and chapped lips.


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Makeup is a form of self-expression.
Lips are a central element that can be used for seduction. The lips are most attractive when they are well-hydrated, well-styled and well-proportioned. With MAGIC LIP, this becomes possible.

Due to its active ingredients, MAGIC LIP moisturizes, nourishes and increases the volume of your lips. It can also be used as a remedial treatment for dry and chapped lips.

Our product has a natural and pleasant vanilla flavour and is transparent so it can be used with the lipstick of your choice. When used daily, results are immediate.

Clinical tests

Magic Lip: results

Clinical tests demonstrate:

  • A 60% increase in hydration,
  • A 30% reduction in wrinkles and lines,
  • A 70% reduction in roughness,
  • A 100% general improvement of lips,
  • A 40% increase in volume.

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