Anti double chin care. Innovative care that will bring out your best profile! For Women.


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Perfect Chin: Bring out your best profile!

The double chin is a family heirloom that we could do without! It adds a burden to the face, destroys the profile and has an overall deterrent effect. Although it usually appears when we're overweight, it can also come to light without being overweight and then ... there is no point in losing weight, the double chin will always be there!


Glaucium Flavum

The principal active ingredient in PERFECT CHIN is glaucine, an alkaloïd extracted from Glaucium plant. This plant grows on the sands of the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts.
This natural compound helps address the problem of unsightly sagging skin.

In fact, the daily application of PERFECT CHIN will, all at once:

  • Refine and reduce your double chin,
  • Reshape the skin contours,
  • Gently lift the skin and thus provide you with a major facelift.

In addition, PERFECT CHIN contains Argan Oil.

Clinical tests

Clinical tests, conducted over two months have shown:

  • A 10,4% decrease in the volume of the chin
  • A 7,7% decrease in the thickness of the chin
  • 88% of panelists noted an overall refinement of the chin.

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