The first hair care against hereditary alopecia. An anti-DHT activity specifically targeted to fight genetic baldness.


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Hair physiology


In the fifth century BC, the famous Greek physician Hippocrates already noted that eunuques never became bald, guessing that baldness was under the direct control of a specifically male factor. This pertinent observation is the idea, still widespread, that bald men were particularly virile since better supplied with testosterone, the hormone of masculinity.
Actually, the problem is a little bit more complex...

Indeed, androgenic alopecia affects 20% of men from 20 years and increases of 10% per decade, implying that more than half of men from 50 years are affected. However, this alopecia, as its name might suggest, does not affect only men, although women are far less concerned.

To understand the causes of alopecia, we must first recall that the life cycle of hair runs in three phases:

  • The Anagen Phase (3 to 7 years) is the phase of hair growth,
  • The Catagen Phase (approximately 3 weeks) marks the cessation of hair growth,
  • The Telogen Phase (3 to 4 months) is characterized by regression of the bulbar region ending with the final fall of the hair.
Dihydrotestosteron molecule

Three months after the hair fall, a new cycle begins in the germinal zone of the hair follicle and a new asset grows in turn. This cycle is repeated about 25 times in our lives.

Alopecia phases

The various phases of this cycle are under the complex dependence of many hormones, but one of them, DHT (dihydrotestosterone), if present in excessive amounts in the scalp, abnormally accelerates physiological cycle. Therefore, the cycle leads to reducing the hair which is becoming finer and hair loss appears gradually.
Since hormones metabolism is directly dependent on genotype, this kind of alopecia is generally an hereditary legacy.


Why is PROCAPIL'HAIR efficient?
Because it solves the three main causes of common alopecia:

  • The androgenic cause via the inhibition of 5α-reductase, the enzyme responsible for conversion of testosterone into DHT,
  • The circulatory system cause, promoting micro-circulation at the scalp level which is essential for optimal hair regrowth,
  • The mechanical cause, reinforcing the anchoring of hair in the sheath of skin.

To ensure this triple actionPROCAPIL'HAIR was designed as a combination of three synergistic asset:

    Biotin molecule
  • A vitaminic peptide: the biotinyl-GHK, association of a high follicular activity peptide sequence (Hystidyl-Glycyl-Lysine) coupled with Vitamin B7 (also called Biotin). This vitamin plays a vital role in the metabolism of hair as its deficiency leads to alopecia and dermatitis,
  • Apigenin, a naturally occurring molecule belonging to the family of flavonoids and extracted from the grapefruit tree (Citrus maxima). Vasculoprotectrice and antioxidant, apigenin contributes to the dilation of blood capillaries, providing a better micro-circulation at the hairline,
  • Oleanic acid, extracted from leaves of olive (Olea europaea), which is a naturally occurring molecule known as a potent inhibitor of 5α-reductase, an enzyme responsible for conversion of testosterone into DHT. As we have just seen, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the main cause of androgenic alopecia, for its negative activity on the physiological cycle of the hair.

Clinical Tests

The clinical test lasted 4 months and was attended by 35 male volunteers divided into two groups: one group using placebo, the second receiving treatment PROCAPIL'HAIR.

The test showed:

  • An activation of hair growth of 121%,
  • A significant delay aging hair of 46%,
  • An Improved microscopic anchoring to the hair shaft.

By specifically targeting androgenic alopecia, this new technology allows therefore PROCAPIL'HAIR:

  • Stopping hair loss,
  • Promoting the growth of new hair,
  • Strengthening and prolonging the hair growth cycle.

Directions for use

In addition with the PROCAPIL'HAIR Shampoo, apply the lotion once a day on dry or wet hair. Gently massage to stimulate active ingredients.
Do not rince.

A 100ml bottle is enough for a month treatment.


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