Foot comfort gel - MASSAGE

Foot comfort gel - MASSAGE

The first 2 in 1 cosmetic care combining a pumice stone and a foot care product ! Ideal for dry, cracked and damaged feet.


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Institut Claude Bell presents the first 2 in 1 cosmetic care combining a pumice stone and a foot care product designed to scrape dry callused skin, corns and dead skin, and provide the comfort your feet deserve through the Argan oil, Jojoba oil and shea butter, it contains.


Pumice stone

Pumice stones are highly porous, low density volcanic rocks, often below 1 enabling them to float on the surface of water. Pumice is formed at temperatures between 500 and 600 °C. The lava thrown up into the air cools down very quickly and the pressure drop results in degassing that creates bubbles hence the porous nature and low density of the stone. The most advanced form of pumice is reticulitus which literally looks like foam. It was pumice stone that covered the Roman city of Pompeii!

Pumice stone has also been used for a long time as an exfoliant in Turkish baths and by the general public to scrape hard skin off their feet and elbows. It is sometimes possible to find inexpensive moulded stones for the same use.


Instructions for use

For dry, cracked and damagedfeet. Moisturises and nourishes feet deep down. Removes roughness and calluses. Light texture for immediate comfort. Apply daily, morning and evening.


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