The first hair inhibitor that treats beard Your cheeks get ready for kisses again!


Additional options

SHAVE LOTION can be used before or after shaving. It is the first treatment specially designed for men which:

  • Fights harsh beard hairs and stubble,
  • Slows down beard growth,
  • Lessens shaving frequency.


The main active ingredient of SHAVE LOTION is palmatine, a natural component extracted from Fibraurea recisa, which is stranded in microspheres and is slowly released along the hair shaft at about 1/3 of its length, inhibiting hair growth in the follicle.

Clinical Tests

Clinical results carried out with SHAVE LOTION were found to be rather self-explanatory:

  • Hair is thinner and finer -48%,
  • Significantly reduced re-growth -36%,
  • Reduced shaving frequency 60%.

Directions for use

Use SHAVE LOTION before shaving in order razor blade to stay clean and smoothy glide over skin. Use SHAVE LOTION after shaving as well, so the active ingredients properly penetrate the hair shaft and skin is left feeling smooth and soft.

If you shave your head, you can also use SHAVE LOTION to slow down hair re-growth.


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