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Firmer faster growing nails, supple joints...: Organic Silicon on behalf of your health!


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Organic Silicon on behalf of your health!

Marine algae, natural sources of organic silicon

Organic silicon is an essential trace element for living material and, as such, is widely distributed throughout human body: each individual has about 7 grams of it, that is more than twice the organic iron quantity and fifty times more than organic copper!
Organic silicon is carried throughout the body, but is mainly located in human glands, organs and tissues where it contributes to many metabolisms.

Organic Silicon on behalf of your health!

More specifically, organic silicon induces and regulates within connective tissues the fibroplasts growth which are cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers; organic silicon is therefore essential for maintaining supporting tissues flexibility and elasticity: skin, bones, nails…

Progressive deficiency in organic silicon leads, over the years, to loss of flexibility, widespread hardening of tissue, excessive calcium deposits in cartilage and nails which break or grow poorly.

The ORGANIC SILICON CREAM content helps to strengthen and improve resistance, flexibility and elasticity of muscles and tendons as well as capillary fibre and nail structure.

Directions for use

Apply and gently massage all over your hands and nails, several times a day if needed.


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