SLIM MEN Bio-Active Serum

SLIM MEN Bio-Active Serum

Your summer slimming aid: up to 4 cm off your waistline within 6 weeks!


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Slim Men: results

SLIM MEN is formulated with 4 slimming active ingredients for results you can see in two months:

  • Soy isoflavones that increase the skin’s elasticity, reduces the growth of adipose tissues, inhibits lipids, increased lipolysis
  • Caffeine, fats burner,
  • Carnitine, that stimulates the oxydation of lipids,
  • Spiruline for hydrating the skin and stimulating lipolysis

Clinical Tests

These tests showed SLIM MEN efficency from the first days.

  • Improvment of skin texture:+49% after 6 weeks,
  • Improvment of skin elasticity: +58% after 6 weeks,
  • 2 cm off waistline after 3 weeks, then 4 cm off waistline after 6 weeks!.

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