SLIMBELL Bio-Active Serum

SLIMBELL Bio-Active Serum

Thanks to four active slimming agents, drop 4cm off your thighs in only 1 month!


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SLIMBELL: results

Our SLIMBELL Bio-Active Serum consists of the following 4 slimming ingredients for an effective result in 2 months of treatment:

  • Soy Isoflavones, which increase skin elasticity, reduces adipose tissue growth, inhibit fat and increase lipolysis,
  • Caffeine which burns away fat,
  • Carnitine which stimulates lipid oxidation,
  • Spirulina which moisturizes the skin and stimulates lipolysis.

Clinical tests

Clinical trials conducted by an independent laboratory, showed spectacular results:

  • A 49% improvement in skin softness,
  • A 58% improvement in skin elasticity,
  • An average thigh circumference reduction of 2cm in 3 weeks and 4cm in 6 weeks.

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