This is a care specially formulated to give back firmness to your arms. Drop your long-sleeved shirts!


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Drop your long-sleeved shirts!

Our FIRMING CARE Arms is targeted to strengthen and refine arms. Designed to promote the penetration of its "high performance" active ingredients into the skin, it reduces skin congestion and releases toxins. The skin regain its former tone, elasticity and firmness; it will be smoother and softer.


Caffeine and Carnitine

FIRMING CARE Arms contains two synergistic active ingredients:

  • Caffeine, broadly recognized for its role in helping cells eradicate fat,
  • Carnitine, a natural molecule involved in transporting fatty acids from cells to their place of destruction.

Clinical tests

Firming Care: clinical results

Clinical studies were conducted on a female panel over a one-month period. The results were spectacular:

  • Gain infirmness: + 19,7%,
  • Gain inelasticity: +24,0%,
  • Immediate gain in tone: +43,7% of panellists.

After being asked about sensations the product induced, volunteers of the study stated that they noticed:

  • A feeling of freshness upon application: 89%,
  • A fine and pleasant texture: 79%,
  • A sensation of hydration, which "clothes the skin":58%,
  • A smoothing effect on the skin: 63%,

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