S.R.J. 9 Restructuring for Cheeks - For Women

S.R.J. 9 Restructuring for Cheeks - For Women

Our restructuring care for cheeks, fights flaccid sagging cheeks: 90% satisfied consumers!.


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Fights flaccid sagging cheeks.

As women get older, facial contour – the natural oval shape of the face – gradually fades and loses its smooth harmonious proportions. It grows heavier and forms jowls.
The loss of natural skin elasticity, the atrophied underlying tissues and the effect of gravity all contribute to these changes.

SRJ9: results


The Claude Bell Institute has elaborated S.R.J. 9 which contains a peptide derivative Tyr-Arg-Lipo elaborated by SEDERMA laboratory to fight the effect of gravity on aging skin.
S.R.J. 9 uses a breakthrough technology that targets elastin and elastic skin fibres in their entirety.

Clinical Tests

Carried on a two-months, consumer survey shows:

  • Firmer face contour: 78%,
  • Face lifting effects: 60%,
  • Facial recontouring: 82%.

At the end of the test, 84%, of the women panelists wished to carry on treatment!


SRJ9: customer test


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