Say goodbye to excessive foot sweating! Sudex helps fight against odors and fungal attacks that accompany sweating.


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Say goodbye to excessive foot sweating!

SUDEX is the new antiperspirant, deodorant and antibacterial foot cream that:

  • Fights against excessive and heavy perspiration,
  • Prevents fungal and microbial attacks,
  • Neutralizes odors associated with perspiration

SUDEX is effective on all types of perspiration, prevents maceration phenomena and soothes burning and tingling sensations.


Sudex: composition

SUDEX is formulated from an antiperspirant complex consisting of:

  • Horsetail (Equisetum arvense), which tightens the pores and thus helps limit the production of sweat,
  • Essential Sage oil (Salvia officinalis) with anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that act directly on the bacterial flora present on the surface of the skin - because if the sweat is odorless as such, its degradation by this plant triggers the appearance of malodorous and sometimes irritating molecules.

Besides, SUDEX is also formulated with LIPACIDE UG, a purifying and protecting active that fights against daily wear and tear of the skin and helps to restore natural pH levels - and OSMOCIDE, a skin rehydrating complex.

SUDEX does not contain alcohol nor parabens.


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